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External anti-vandal; 2MP (1920-1080) 1 / 2.7 ”CMOS Exmor sensor. Sensitivity 0.01 Lux F 1.2, 3DNR 3-x MP lens 4mm. Viewing angle 90 ° IR illumination 25 meters. P2P cloud Seetong

Dome vandal proof 2 megapixel (1920x1080) FullHD IP video camera Exmor R51, with a CS lens with a sensitivity of 0.03 Lux with F1.2

The camera body is made in thick metal, equipped with special brackets for laying twisted pair.

Anti-vandal IP video camera Exmor R51 with a high degree of protection against shock, hermetic, does not let moisture and is not afraid of rain and snow. The ability to use a domed IP network video camera at -40 ° C allows you to install it in an open area, for example when monitoring parking lots. Exmor R51 can be removed from the observation post, and placed on rooftops, installed vertically or horizontally.

Plus the dome IP camera Exmor R51 - a large viewing angle, the cs lens will help to get a clear image without aberration. The anti-vandal case (IK10) reliably hides the 0.03 Lux photosensitive lens and the “stuffing” - matrix, processor, IR filter and IR illumination.

IR lights turn on automatically in the dark and highlight the area of ​​25 meters. The anti-vandal IP camera R51 is equipped with an ICR IR filter, which evens out the color scheme during the day and enhances the sensitivity at night.

With the help of DWDR, the image between the light and dark areas is aligned, the light is removed, the video becomes uniform in brightness. Without increasing the load on the network over which data is transmitted DWDR changes the shutter speed and exposure.

Anti-vandal camera at a low price Exmor R51

CMOS matrix allows you to combine all the hardware elements, such as digital, analog and processing on a single chip. The result - high sensitivity with low power consumption improves video capture speed. Compression of digital information is due to the H.264 codec. Additionally, the load reduces DualStream.

The resulting video is transmitted via Ethernet cable to the receiving device, which can be a DVR, computer, smartphone or tablet for any OS. You can connect to it from anywhere in the world, using a QR code to view the video in real time. APP Seetong Software

Viewing is possible simultaneously with 64 Ip cameras, thanks to the UC2 software and the naum cloud cloud storage.

Setup and management of anti-vandal network IP camera

Anti-vandal dome IP camera Exmor R51 is configured through an intuitive interface. You can change not only the rights of access, contrast, sharpness, exposure and exposure.

The anti-vandal dome IP video camera Exmor R51 is installed in places of large crowds of people, used for monitoring in stadiums, where the distance from the control panel is far. Durable housing and alert system do not fear that the camera will break or damage the fans, and moisture resistance and dust protection - that the electronics will be damaged.

The anti-vandal IP video camera Exmor R51 works in day / night mode, which makes it possible to install it on any protected areas, such as: garage cooperatives, student dormitories or flight of stairs.


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Pliki do przeglądania i konfigurowania kamer IP

 Program do wyszukiwania adresu IP urządzenia

 Aplikacja dla systemu Android / FreeIP  Pobierz    dla Iphone/ FreeIP  Pobierz    

Aplikacja aparatu na PC VMS

Profesjonalny program VMS PRO składający się z wersji klienta i serwera.

Dla Windows  Pobierz


  • The camera is available in the browser at (Default)
  • Login: admin
  • Password: 123456
  • If the camera picked up the address by DHCP, we search through the UC2 application or  ONVIF device manager   (See the download folder)
  • To prevent the camera from changing its IP address while working in the camera menu, set a static IP and uncheck All connect
  Type of  Street anti-vandal
  Maximum resolution  2pm 1920-1080
  Matrix type  Exmor imx
  Matrix size  1 / 2.7 ''
  Lens type  fixed
  Focal length  4mm
  Viewing angle   90 °
  Day Night  there is
  Compression formats  H.264
  Infrared illumination range  25 m
  Interface type  wired
  PoE 12волт   -
  Audio input  -
  Operating voltage  12 volts
  Consumption  1 amp
  Operating temperature range  -35° ~ +60°C
  Working humidity  no more than 75%
  Warranty  1 year

  RTSP link stream.

  The main stream   rtsp: // 554 / mpeg4? Username = admin & password = 123456 

  The second stream        rtsp: // 554 / mpeg4cif? Username = admin & password = 123456

  Port forwarding for remote access to the ip camera via Internet explorer:

  • Web – 80
  • Authorization Port - 8091