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Outdoor; 2MP (1920-1080) 1 / 2.8 ”CMOS Exmor sensor. Sensitivity 0.01 Lux F 1.8, 3DNR 3-x MP lens 4mm. Viewing angle 92 ° IR illumination 35 meters. P2P cloud Seetong

Exmor IMX322 is an infrared network camera with IR illumination for a professional network video surveillance system.

IMX322R + Hi3516C, which provides exceptional high-quality images with a resolution of 1920x1080, and also offers a wide range of dynamic ranges, 3DNR, BLC, HLC, etc. technologies. To improve the quality of the image when working in conditions of variable lighting.

The IP camera is equipped with a 4mm lens, which allows you to get the perfect field of view for different installation conditions. Comes with 36 pieces of infrared LEDs that can provide infrared lighting with a wide angle of 60 degrees and a long range. Including smart IR, this network camera can capture high-quality images.

The built-in web server allows the user to easily configure and access IP cameras through various browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Also supports motion detection and privacy masks, as well as other advanced video analytics functions. P2P cloud connection simplifies viewing from smartphones. This is a free application for smartphones, just scan the QR code, you can instantly access this camera, and then start watching HD video on your smartphone. In addition, it corresponds to the ONVIF S profile, it can work with third-party network video recorders and VMS. Supports RTSP, users can play a live video stream on VLC and QuickTime media player.

The Exmor IMX322 uses a rugged aluminum case, fully weatherproof, and an IP67 design that allows this network camera to operate normally in outdoor environments. Complete with a 3-axis swivel bracket, it supports installation on the wall and ceiling. Exmor IMX322 offers additional features, Alarm I / O for an integrated security solution (this allows you to connect the camera to security sensors, siren, alarm system, access control and so on.


  • Low Illumination IMX322 + Hi3516C Chipset
  • 1 / 2.8 "2.43 megapixel CMOS sensor with progressive scan
  • 4mm lens, external lens adjustment
  • Field of View (FoV) 92 °
  • Resolution 1080P (1920x1080) / 720P (1280x720)
  • Professional HD IP Camera SoC Hi3516C
  • Excellent low light
  • Low illumination, Color 0.01Lux@F1.2, B / W 0 Lux@F1.2
  • Real-time H.265 and H.264 encoding at 30 frames per second
  • 3D DNR & DWDR & BLC helps create clear images
  • HD recording with HD video output
  • Day view with removable IR-Cut filter
  • Wide-angle night vision with a maximum distance of 35 meters
  • Remote viewing and access via IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and iPhone, iPad
  • Intelligent video analysis, motion detection support, border protection and video diagnostics
  • Standard Onvif compatible
  • WiFi and PoE add-ons are not included, but can be ordered 


Sony IMX322 is a new version of its predecessor IMX222, it can capture high-quality images with an approximate resolution of 2.43 megapixels. This CMOS image sensor is designed to meet the growing demand for day / night cameras, the IMX322 high sensitivity sensitivity sensor provides better visibility for improved viewing performance, and fewer LED parts reduce power consumption and cost.

HI3516C REAL-TIME 1080P H.264 Coding

Hi3516C is a new generation SoC designed for HD IP cameras. It is equipped with a new generation of ISP and H.265 encoder. It uses an optimized image pre-coding algorithm, advanced low-power technologies and a low-power architecture. Hi3516C has a low data transfer rate, high image quality and low power consumption. Hi3516C also supports 90 ° or 270 ° rotation and lens distortion correction.


This model has a web server and is built with several network protocols. It can support up to ten users remotely access the camera simultaneously. Naum.pro offers free IP camera software for IP camera management and video management, as well as intelligent video analysis.

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Pliki do przeglądania i konfigurowania kamer IP

 Program do wyszukiwania adresu IP urządzenia

 Aplikacja dla systemu Android / FreeIP  Pobierz    dla Iphone/ FreeIP  Pobierz    

Aplikacja aparatu na PC VMS

Profesjonalny program VMS PRO składający się z wersji klienta i serwera.

Dla Windows  Pobierz


  • The camera is available in the browser at (Default)
  • Login: admin
  • Password: 123456
  • If the camera picked up the address via DHCP, we search through the UC2 application or  ONVIF device manager   (see download folder)
  • To prevent the camera from changing its IP address in the process of working in the camera menu, set a static IP and uncheck All connect

If desired, the camera can change the lens and get the desired angle of view. Buy Lens

      Type of  Internal
      Maximum resolution  2pm 1920-1080
      Matrix type  Exmor imx
      Matrix size  1 / 2.8 "
      Lens type  fixed
      Focal length  4mm
      Viewing angle   92 °
      Day Night  there is
      Compression formats  H.264
      Infrared illumination range  20 m
      Interface type  wired
      PoE 12волт   -
      Audio input  -
      Operating voltage  12 volts
      Consumption  0.6 amp
      Operating temperature range  -35° ~ +60°C
      Working humidity  no more than 75%
      Warranty  1 year

      RTSP stream reference.

      The main stream   rtsp: // 554 / mpeg4? Username = admin & password = 123456 

      The second stream        rtsp: // 554 / mpeg4cif? Username = admin & password = 123456