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Outdoor; 2MP (1920-1080) 1 / 2.9 ”CMOS Exmor. Sensitivity 0.01 Lux F 2.0, 3DNR 3-x MP lens 4/6 / 8mm. Viewing angle 67/90 ° IR illumination 80 meters. P2P cloud Seetong

A brief description of how the ip camera works on the original sensor from Sony

Exmore IMX370 camera - with increased photosensitivity. Of the entire IMX series, this model has the brightest backlight. Installed high-quality sensor Sony CMOS Exmor imx323 (IMX322)

Anti-vandal aluminum case allows you to use it for shooting on the street. Detailed image of high quality when working in ordinary or difficult lighting conditions, and even shoots in complete darkness.

Infrared illumination has an intelligent brightness adjustment, so the video will not “glare” objects that are located close to the lens - for example, people close by.

This allows you to save on the video well-distinguishable details, which is very important for professional security systems. And two powerful LEDs will help illuminate a very large area.

Key Features and Features

Based on CMOS matrix 1 / 2.9 "ProgressiveScan with a resolution of 2 megapixels (1920x1080). Equipped with a fixed lens made of glass. Its focal length is 3.6 mm, and the viewing angle is about 67 ° horizontally and 48 ° vertically. The camera shoots video in 1920x1080p30 quality. 

Due to the high sensitivity of the matrix (0.001 Lux) and the presence of the “day-night” mode, in low light the camera itself switches to the black and white mode to obtain the most informative image.

IR illumination with an effective range of up to 80 m. 

It should be noted that this model has a wide range of operating temperatures from -30 ° C to + 60 ° C with an acceptable humidity level of not more than 95%, the degree of protection here is IP67 for uninterrupted operation in low temperature conditions.
There is a built-in motion detection and mechanical infrared filter designed to correct color in the light / dark. The Exmore IMX370 IP camera supports dual video stream, the purpose of which is to reduce the load on the DVR and network, as well as to simplify access via the Internet. Data compression is performed using the H.265 codec, which saves recorder disk space. You can also use H.264 video compression.
The Exmore IMX370 digital camera has only one interface - a standard network RJ-45 connector and a connector for connecting a 12-volt power supply. The RJ-45 port supports the power over Ethernet (PoE) 12 volts, so there is no need to use multiple wires, just a single twisted pair cable. This greatly simplifies the installation process and reduces the cost of purchasing and laying power cables to the camera installation site. The maximum power consumed by the camera is 11 watts.

The wide dynamic range of the 120dB WDR adjusts the balance of the dark and light parts of the image to obtain high-quality, detailed images. It helps a lot when shooting in high-contrast, backlighting (opposite windows or high-power lighting).

The camera works with ONVIF standard support (OpenNetworkVideoInterfaceForum), therefore, it can work with network devices from other manufacturers. 

The Exmore IMX370 is protected against ± 20% input voltage drops during power supply, especially when used externally. Built-in 6KV lightning protection ensures uninterrupted operation during thunderstorms.

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Pliki do przeglądania i konfigurowania kamer IP

 Program do wyszukiwania adresu IP urządzenia

 Aplikacja dla systemu Android / FreeIP  Pobierz    dla Iphone/ FreeIP  Pobierz    

Aplikacja aparatu na PC VMS

Profesjonalny program VMS PRO składający się z wersji klienta i serwera.

Dla Windows  Pobierz


  • The camera is available in the browser at (Default)
  • Login: admin
  • Password: 123456
  • If the camera picked up the address via DHCP, we search through the UC2 application or  ONVIF device manager   (see download folder)
  • To prevent the camera from changing its IP address in the process of working in the camera menu, set a static IP and uncheck All connect

If desired, the camera can change the lens and get the angle you want. Buy Lens

      Type of  Street
      Maximum resolution  2pm 1920-1080
      Matrix type  Exmor
      Matrix size  1 / 2.9 "
      Lens type  fixed
      Focal length  3 / 6mm
      Viewing angle   67 °
      Day Night  there is
      Compression formats  H.264 H.265 H265 +
      Infrared illumination range  80 m
      Interface type  wired
      PoE 12волт   YES
      Frame frequency  20
      Operating voltage  12 volts
      Consumption  2 amps
      Operating temperature range  -35° ~ +60°C
      Working humidity  no more than 95%
      Warranty  1 year

      RTSP stream reference.

      The main stream   rtsp: // 554 / mpeg4? Username = admin & password = 123456 

      The second stream        rtsp: // 554 / mpeg4cif? Username = admin & password = 123456

      Port forwarding for remote access to the ip camera via Internet explorer:

    • Web – 80
    • Authorization Port - 8091
    All camera ports:
    21 UDP + TCP FTP port ----- Customizable
    22 TCP SSH Port ---- Configurable
    80 TCP port ---- Configurable
    554 UDP + TCP client connection port ---- Customizable
    9898 TCP DBS client port ---- Customizable
    10001-10003 UDP input port IPC ---- Configurable
    20001 Port TCP port --- Configurable
    59998-59999 TCP port TCP receiving port - customizable
    10,000–15,000 UDP playback UDP transmit port ---- Configurable
    20,000-25,000 UDP playback UDP transmit port ---- Configurable
    58000-59000 TCP receiver TCP receiving port ---- Configurable
    60000-63000 UDP monitor UDP receiving port ---- Configurable
    11121-11125 TCP Remote Remote TELNET port ---- Customizable