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Outdoor; 2MP (1920-1080) 1 / 2.7 ”CMOS Exmor sensor. Sensitivity 0.01 Lux F 1.2, 3DNR 3-x MP lens varifocal. Viewing angle 95-22 ° IR illumination 40 meters. P2P cloud Seetong

Cylindrical varifocal IP-camera EXMOR IMX350

  • Resolution 2 Mp (1920-1080);
  • Matrix 1/3 "Progressive Scan CMOS;
  • Sensitivity 0.01 lux @ (F1.2, AGC incl.), 0 lux with IR;
  • Varifocal lens 2.8-12mm high-aperture;
  • Varifocal  is a type of lens, a mechanical construction whose location and shape of optical lenses allows you to manually or automatically adjust the focal length, thereby changing the viewing angles and the scale of the selected viewing area;
  • Viewing angle 95-22 °;
  • Day / Night mode;
  • H264 compression format;
  • Dual stream;
  • Power POE 12 volts or 48 volts (Perkhodniki included); In the promotional cameras Poe adapter is not included!
  • IP67 protection level;
  • IR range 40 meters.

Characteristics of varifocal IP-camera EXMOR IMX350

Convenient combined power supply of the camera 12 or 48 volts allows you to connect the camera at a distance of up to 200 meters over a twisted pair. High-aperture 3-megapixel lens pozfolit get the image even in poorly lit areas. Variophokal will be useful when installing the camera in the private sector, for example, you do not know what viewing angle you need. With the help of a variofocal lens, the viewing angle can be set independently in the range of 22-95 degrees (key included). 

LED IR - backlight for shooting in night mode

A special infrared illumination built into the video camera EXMOR IMX350, which belongs to the third generation, allows the camera to shoot at night, in conditions of pitch darkness with an angle of 45 degrees. LER T + LEDs have stable parameters, allow you to increase the service life up to 30,000 hours. When the camera switches to the “night” mode, the electromechanical IR filter begins to automatically shift and thereby turns on the IR illumination. 
EXMOR IMX350 accurately transmits colors, that is, at the slightest movement, it will record and the motion sensor will work. Variofocal ip camera has the most optimal noise reduction mode DRR 3D. During the day, the camera also forms a distinct, high-quality image, and the presence of an IR filter contributes to this, as well as automatically adjusting the correct white balance, shutter speed, and aperture. 

Assigning a network IP camcorder

IMX350 is a street model, so it’s not afraid of rain and snow. The temperature range at which it can be operated is +50 to -45 degrees. Durable metal housing that protects the network camera from all sorts of mechanical damage. The protection level fully complies with the class IP67.
Dynamically extended range with the presence of a signal processing function. The DWDR mode is an effective means for the camera to function in difficult lighting conditions or at night. DWDR will recognize not just just an object or person against a background of saturated light, but also fix what is happening around him: for example, he can distinguish small inscriptions on clothes, or fix numbers on a car number, even if the headlights are on. With EXMOR IMX350 you will get a clear image when you turn on and configure DWDR. This is done in the user menu EXMOR IMX350, where the corresponding DWDR item is located, and there you yourself specify the level you need and the clarity and the necessary contrast between the dark and light areas of the image. System noise lead 2D \ 3DNR. 1. 2DNR.

2. And modern three-dimensional 3DNR with the ability to select the desired options for shooting in certain weather conditions. 
3DNR perfectly suppresses extraneous noises. 
Alert function with sensitive motion detector. 
The EXMOR IMX350 video camera also has a unique alert function. When the motion sensor is activated, it captures them, and immediately sends a screenshot of the image to the email. And all because a high-precision sensitive motion detector is built into the camera.


The variofocal ip camera EXMOR IMX350 is an excellent and advantageous solution for the organization of outdoor video surveillance with the change of the viewing angle, zoom for high definition with a diverse set of functions. The POE power system allows you to conveniently power the camera. The high-aperture matrix + a good lens is a prerequisite for a high-quality image of the Model 350. Buying a camera will be a profitable acquisition for installing a video surveillance system for people who are not particularly knowledgeable in this industry. the camera will allow all the parameters to adjust at the time of installation of the camera. In addition to creating a high-quality and uninterrupted video surveillance system, it will provide a high quality of shooting, a clear image, it will effectively work at low (up to -45 degrees) temperatures in the absence of a shift of focus in variofokale with severe frosts.

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Pliki do przeglądania i konfigurowania kamer IP

 Program do wyszukiwania adresu IP urządzenia

 Aplikacja dla systemu Android / FreeIP  Pobierz    dla Iphone/ FreeIP  Pobierz    

Aplikacja aparatu na PC VMS

Profesjonalny program VMS PRO składający się z wersji klienta i serwera.

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  • The camera is available in the browser at (Default)
  • Login: admin
  • Password: 123456
  • If the camera picked up the address via DHCP, we search through the UC2 application or  ONVIF device manager   (see download folder)
  • To prevent the camera from changing its IP address in the process of working in the camera menu, set a static IP and uncheck All connect
  Type of  Street
  Maximum resolution  2pm 1920-1080
  Matrix type  ar0235 or cs2035
  Matrix size  1 / 2.7 ''
  Lens type  variofokal
  Focal length  2.8mm-12mm
  Viewing angle   22-95 °
  Day Night  there is
  Compression formats  H.264 
  Infrared illumination range  40 m
  Interface type  wired
  PoE 12волт   Yes + 48v
  Audio input  -
  Operating voltage  12 volt 48v through adapter
  Consumption  1 amp
  Operating temperature range  -35° ~ +60°C
  Working humidity  no more than 95%
  Warranty  1 year

  RTSP stream reference.

  The main stream   rtsp: // 554 / mpeg4? Username = admin & password = 123456 

  The second stream        rtsp: // 554 / mpeg4cif? Username = admin & password = 123456