User Agreement

The User Agreement (hereinafter the User Agreement) is an obligatory and integral part of the purchase and sale agreement (hereinafter the Agreement) concluded between the https://ipcam.systems online store (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) acting on the basis of this agreement and the buyer ( hereinafter - the Buyer). The User Agreement introduces the Buyer to the terms of sale and delivery of goods in the online store (hereinafter - the Online Store) of the Seller.

1.1. Using the services of the online store of the Seller have the right to:
1.1.1. Legal persons not younger than 18 years old;
1.1.2. Minors between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years of age, if they have the consent of the parents, adoptive parents or guardians, or if the child has his own money on his own;
1.1.3. All legal entities;
1.1.4. Properly authorized representatives of all the above-mentioned persons.
1.2. Prices of goods and / or services listed in the catalog of the online store of the Seller, are valid only for the purchase / order of these goods.
1.3. In order to use the services of the Seller’s Online Store, the Buyer must, first, select the product from the offered goods in the Seller’s Online Store. After selecting a product, the Buyer adds it to the basket. When the goods are in the basket, you need to choose a payment method and fill in the data for registration. After entering the data for registration, the Buyer indicates additional contacts and writes comments. The buyer confirms the data for delivery and payment. Buyer confirms his order. After confirming the Order, the Seller sends to the Buyer by the specified e-mail the payment data (invoice). The buyer pays for the ordered goods by selecting one of the payment methods offered by the Seller. After the Buyer's funds are credited to the Seller’s settlement account, the Seller starts to place an Order for goods.
1.4. The data provided by the Buyer / Seller (name, address, telephone number, email address, personal account number, etc.) is used only to fulfill the obligations between the Buyer and the Seller and to protect interests. These data can not be transferred to third parties, except in cases provided for by the laws of Ukraine.
1.5. The agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded from the moment when the Buyer forms a basket in the online store, clicks the "Agree to terms" button, in the next window fills in the information of the Buyer and clicks the "Next" button. Each Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is stored in the database of the Seller.

2.1. The buyer can order products in the online store  https://ipcam.systems in  two ways:
2.1.1. By registering on the site by entering your username and password;
2.1.2. No registration on this site.
2.2. Buyer, ordering goods for the stipulated points of the User Agreement 2.1.1. and to 2.1.2., must provide their personal data (name, delivery address, telephone number and email address) necessary for the Seller to correctly fulfill the Order.
2.3. Confirming the User Agreement, the Buyer agrees that the personal data specified in clause 2.2 shall be processed in the Internet - shop www.tera.co.ua for business analysis and marketing.
2.4. The seller has the right to send informational messages that are needed to fulfill the order, by e-mail and by phone number.
2.5. If the Buyer does not want his email address or phone number to be processed for marketing purposes, he must inform Seller of this by emailing systems.ipcam@gmail.com;
2.6. The Seller undertakes not to disclose the personal data of the Buyer to third parties, with the exception of our partners, who participate in ensuring the conditions of the User Agreement with the Buyer. In all other cases, the Buyer's personal data to third parties may be disclosed only in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.

3.1. The buyer has the right to choose and order any goods presented in the catalog of the Seller’s Internet shop.
3.2. Using the services of the Seller’s Internet shop, the Buyer agrees to the electronic sale rules and undertakes to fully comply with them.
3.3. Filling the Order for goods and / or concluding an Agreement with the Seller, the Buyer undertakes to provide complete and correct data. If there is a change in the Buyer's data, the Buyer is obliged to notify the Seller within 24 (twenty four) hours by the e-mail address specified in the details of the Seller. If the Buyer has not reported any changes in his personal data, the Seller shall fulfill the Order using the latest data specified by the Buyer. In this case, the Buyer loses the right to express any claims regarding the execution of the Order, inaccurate execution and / or non-execution. If, after notification by the Seller of the Buyer by e-mail specified in the details, the Buyer does not delete the erroneous data within 7 (seven) calendar days, the Seller has the right not to refund the money paid for the goods.
3.4. The Buyer declares consent, that the Seller will legally check the Buyer's solvency data before or after payment.
3.5. The buyer is responsible for all legal and illegal actions carried out when using the Seller’s online shop.
3.6. The buyer undertakes to accept the ordered goods. If the buyer refuses to accept the delivery of the goods without a valid reason, he must, within 5 (five) calendar days, reimburse Seller’s expenses incurred by him during delivery and return of the goods, as well as other expenses.
3.7. If Buyer delays in clause 3.6. the specified amount for expenses incurred by the Seller is charged a penalty in the amount of 0.3% of the debt for each day of delay. In the event of late payment, each amount paid by the Buyer, regardless of the explanation specified on the document, is first sent to reimburse the accrued interest. Subsequent amounts are included in the cost of return.
3.8. The Buyer undertakes not to transfer his personal registration and order data to third parties. The Seller is not responsible for the actions of third parties that used the data of the Buyer.
3.9. The Seller is not responsible for any actions of third parties, if these persons used the buyer's banking system and provided the Order and / or entered into the Agreement and / or paid in the Seller’s Internet shop.
3.10. In the cases provided for in clauses 3.8. and 3.9., the Seller has the right to consider that the Buyer performed the actions in the Internet shop.

4.1. If during registration, ordering and / or entering into an Agreement with the Seller, the Buyer provides false, inaccurate, misleading, incomplete data or does not fulfill other obligations stipulated in the User Agreement, the Seller has the right to immediately cancel the Buyer's Order and restrict its rights to use Seller's online store.
4.2. The Seller has the right without prior notice to suspend or terminate the Buyer’s actions, register, fulfill the Order and / or use the services of the Internet shop if there is reason to believe that the Buyer is engaged in prohibited activities or otherwise attempts to harm the stable operation of the Seller’s Internet shop.
4.3. If the Seller, in case of unforeseen circumstances, does not have the opportunity to deliver the ordered goods to the Buyer, the Seller shall offer the same and / or with the most similar properties of the goods. The Buyer, who refused to accept the same or the most similar goods, shall return the paid amount within 10 (ten) working days by bank transfer to the Buyer's bank account after the goods are sent back to the Seller. In this case, the cost of shipping and returning the goods is covered by the Seller.
4.4. In the event of a buyer's debt, the seller is entitled to involve third parties and / or transfer data on the insolvency of the buyer to third parties to collect debts. In this case, the costs of debt collection go to the Buyer.
4.5. The Seller has the right to unilaterally, without prior notice and at its sole discretion, suspend, add, amend the User Agreement and other documents relating to the User Agreement, notifying the Buyer in the Online Store of the Seller. Additions or changes to the User’s Agreement come into force on the day of their publication, i.e. from the moment they are placed in the online store system.

5.1. The goods are delivered by the Seller or the delivery service authorized by the Seller.
5.2. During the delivery of the goods, the Buyer shall, together with the Seller or the authorized representative of the Seller, verify the condition of the parcel (goods).
5.3. After the Buyer has signed the delivery note, it is considered that the package (goods) has been delivered.
5.4. Noticing the damage to the parcel (goods), the Buyer must note this in the bill of lading and fill out the damage report in a free form. It is assumed that the Buyer who signed the invoice without comment, the parcel (goods) transferred properly. The act of buying and selling is not compiled separately.
5.5. Standard delivery time of goods from 2 (two) to 5 (five) working days. The delivery time does not include the time to prepare the goods for shipment, therefore in some cases the total delivery time may be extended by 1 (one) or 2 (two) business days. Delivery time for some products may be longer if the product comes directly from the manufacturer or needs to be pre-ordered.
6.1. If the manufacturer does not give a warranty period, then the standard warranty period applies to these products. In this case, the warranty is valid from the date of purchase on the document.
6.2. During the Warranty Period, the Buyer has the right to rectify the defect free of charge due to the manufacturer’s fault, provided that the warranty conditions have been complied with. The warranty does not cover damage caused by natural disasters, normal wear and tear, misuse or deliberate damage by installers, users or third parties,  EXCLUSIVELY IN THE MANUFACTURER'S SERVICE CENTER .
6.3. After repair or replacement of the goods, the conditions of warranty service continue to apply to it in accordance with the manufacturer’s rules.
6.4. Warranty service is carried out only if there is a document of purchase and a detailed description of the defect by the Buyer. The serial number must match the specified number on the document.
6.5. All costs associated with the transportation of goods to the technical services center and back shall be borne by the Buyer.
6.6. The manufacturer of the goods can give a guarantee for a longer period. 

7.1. For goods purchased from the online store, the right of return is valid for 14 days.
7.2. Returned goods must be without flaws, fully stocked, in original packaging and unused.
7.3. In connection with the return of goods, you should submit a corresponding notification to the e-mail address systems.ipcam@gmail.com.
7.4. In case of refusal of the Agreement, the Buyer must return the purchased item immediately, but no later than within 3 days from the date of notification of the withdrawal from the Agreement.
7.5. In the case of return of the goods, the money is transferred back to the Buyer immediately, no later than within 5 (five) working days after receipt of the notification of withdrawal from the Agreement.
7.6. The money is transferred to the same current account from which it was originally transferred to the Seller.
7.7. The Buyer undertakes to pay the costs of returning the goods, except for cases when the returned goods did not correspond to the Buyer's Order.
7.8. If, after returning the goods, it turns out that the goods do not meet the conditions specified in clauses 7.1-7.4 of this User Agreement, the Buyer does not return the money, and the returned goods remain in the custody of the Seller. Costs in connection with the storage or return of goods to the Buyer shall be borne by the Buyer.

8.1. All Agreements between the Buyer and the Seller are valid until the full fulfillment of obligations under them.
8.2. If the buyer does not agree with the new edition of the User Agreement, partial additions or changes, the Buyer has the right to refuse, provided that he loses the right to use the services of the Seller’s Internet shop.
8.3. If the Buyer continues to use the services of the Online Shop of the Seller after the changes made to the User Agreement, it is considered that he agrees with the new edition of the User Agreement, changes or additions.
8.4. Any dispute or disagreement arising on the basis of this User Agreement or in connection with it or arising from obligations to fulfill the User Agreement shall be resolved by negotiation, in the event of a failure to reach agreement, in the manner prescribed by law.