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Outdoor, wifi, support microSD up128GB, 1МР (1280-720) 1/3 ”sensitivity 0.01 Lux, F 2.0, lens 1.1 mm. Angle 180 °  IR illumination 15 meters. APP Camhi

Outdoor WiFi camera Ipela pcs 210  FISH EYEwifi camera fisheye street

Outdoor WiFi camera Fisheye panoramic camera with a viewing angle of 180 degrees. The viewing angle of the device makes it possible to operate only one video camera with an extensive overview of the room or areas on the street, instead of several with a narrow viewing angle. But do not forget about the formula, the wider the viewing angle, the worse the image quality. 


Due to the wide viewing angle of 180 degrees, the 1.2mm lens of the camera is able to cover the maximum view of the area for video shooting.

Installed on site, it can replace several models of outdoor wifi cameras with a standard viewing angle.

The main features of the device

  • Functioning through a wireless WiFi network and wired connection mode. 
  • The resolution of the sensor is AR0130 - 960 HD megapixel (1280-960).
  • Lens FishEye.
  • High quality HD quality video recording on a microSD memory card.
  • Night vision (IR illumination up to 15 meters). As an option, the video camera is installed in the apartment on the balcony so that at night a view of the car parking can be opened from the window.
  • Records from the microSD memory card can be viewed on a laptop or any smartphone. Either connect the camera to a computer using a Windows program and watch what is happening in real time or download the entire video archive remotely from a memory card to a PC.
  • Writes to the SD card (up to 128 GB).

Outdoor camera fisheye with recording on microSD

First of all, the quality of the Internet connection does not affect the operation of the device. Even if there is no internet connection, the video will still be saved to the memory card. View footage is also extremely simple. 

The wifi case of the video camera is waterproof, made of high strength aluminum. It is characterized by resistance to wear and temperature extremes.

If you adjust the average image quality to spend 128 GB For this is the algorithm for compressing the footage H265. It will minimize the size of the file, while maintaining the quality of the video.

To install a Microsd memory card, you need to completely disassemble the camera!

You can record video on the SD card in 2 modes:

  • Video according to the schedule.
  • Record on the motion sensor.

You can customize the video settings yourself. It all depends on what the duration and quality of the video you need.

Video recording is made on an FTP server or on a remote PC.

Built-in motion sensor parameters

The motion sensor function captures only the most important moments of shooting. Continuous video recording is not conducted, it is not necessary. This sensor will be a real find for users who purchase a video camera as a subject of territory protection, when it is not possible to constantly monitor an object. Outdoor wifi camera Ipela pcs 210 will do everything for you, it will fix any attacker.

When a motion sensor is triggered, it means that:

  • Video recording or recording of the image on micro-SD has begun.
  • An alarming photo or video has been sent to your email address or FTP server.
  • The video camera will send a notification SMS to the mobile gadget (to activate this function, you first need to download the corresponding application to your smartphone). (Depends on the wifi camera firmware)

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Pliki do przeglądania i konfigurowania kamer IP

 Program do wyszukiwania adresu IP urządzenia

 Aplikacja dla systemu Android / FreeIP  Pobierz    dla Iphone/ FreeIP  Pobierz    

Aplikacja aparatu na PC VMS

Profesjonalny program VMS PRO składający się z wersji klienta i serwera.

Dla Windows  Pobierz


  • The camera is available in the Camhi app (Android / iOS)
  • Login: admin
  • Password: admin
  • Wifi support
  • Support micro SD card up to 128gb


  • 180 degree panoramic camera
  Type of  Street
  Maximum resolution  1.3мp 1280-960
  Matrix type  AR0130
  Matrix size  1/3 "
  Lens type  fixed
  Focal length  1.2mm
  Viewing angle   180 °
  Day Night  there is
  Compression formats  avi
  Infrared illumination range  20m
  Interface type  wifi/Ethernet
  PoE 12волт   -
  Audio input  -
  Operating voltage  12 volts 
  Consumption  2 amps
  Operating temperature range  -20° ~ +40°C
  Working humidity  no more than 75%
  Warranty  1 month